Enterprise Information Management System

EIMS, as name said it’s kind of management system which is very popular in now a days especially in government public departments. It’s a very good move from government that they are trying to digitization of government paper processes. Well they are really more interested in taking loan from world bank :P.

In India,  irrigation is major part of growth and revenue. When we talk about revenue it requires some calculations and it’s been very typical and hectic doing it manually,  at present many departments handling it pretty well by using offline processes but what if we provide a way to doing it online, by making it less complicated, transparent, calculation less, automated and reported well to higher official authorities. In that case the name comes us is Enterprise information management system. EIMS involves some basic steps.

  • Process understanding
  • Finding loopholes & repeated things in current process
  • Understanding Reporting formats
  • Showing that live reports in form of graph and chart to related officials are very important

We have seen in so many cases while working on EIMS that customers specially higher officers always interested in live reports so that they will understand the exact conditions without going site location and that are very important to taking decision on critical situations. For example –

In rainy season, a dam filling very fast due to heavy rainfall in that case that Assistant Engineer who is on site location not able to take decision whether gates should be open or not and they also have to take several approvals from government officers. Two cases arise here are

  1. Timing of process completion for opening gates
  2. Correct Decision making on rainfall analysis.

To overcome, these issues EIMS plays a very important role. In that case EIMS raise reports of live water level of that dam to Executive Engineer,  at the same time an EE can review rainfall records and check that in other dam we have sufficient water storage or not so that if we discharge water from this dam the other dam should not overflow. After having this statics an officer can easily take decision that what need to be done with justification to higher officers.

It just a single example which shows the power of EIMS,  while working for it we have seen so many example which shows the power of EIMS.

Not just a system, but it’s revolution for making society in better shape.


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